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Customized Employment

Designed for individuals seeking unique employment opportunities by providing an alternative to traditional employment and utilizing each person’s skills, talents and interests.
Customized Employment (CE) is designed for individuals seeking unique employment opportunities by providing an alternative to traditional employment.  Traditional employment typically involves completing job applications and participating in interviews for positions that often do not meet the needs of a person with a disability. Our intensive 1:1 support enables employment specialists to uncover each person’s skills, talents and interests through a reputable method coined by Griffin-Hammis LLC as the Discovery Process. The goal of the Discovery Process is to find employment opportunities where the person’s skills and interests are utilized and the business offering a position benefits.  
The Discovery Process is outlined in seven distinct stages and recorded on what is called Discovering Personal Genius Staging Record. This form functions as a research guide to help employment specialists build a unique vocational profile for the job-seeker, which is then used as a directory to help find or create paid employment opportunities based on the person’s emerging themes. Job development finally begins once the job seeker’s themes are established. This involves the specialist engaging in conversations with local small businesses, networking with family and friends, or guiding the job-seeker with technical assistance to become self-employed.
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Customized Employment is supported by the Employment First consensus, a public policy for the state of Minnesota and other states around the country that envisions “making employment the first priority and preferred outcome of people with disabilities.” 
The essential elements of Employment First include:
  • Expecting, encouraging, providing, creating, and rewarding integrated employment in the workforce.
  • At minimum or competitive wages and benefits.
  • As the first and preferred outcome for working-age youth and adults with disabilities.
  • Including those with complex and significant disabilities, for whom job placement in the past has been limited, or has not traditionally occurred. 
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