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About employment at Dependable

At Dependable it's "Everyone together, all together!"

We are a person-first company who values our staff at all levels.  We believe everyone has gifts and skills to share and seek to find ways to help our employees put their best foot forward in their employment and feel successful in their roles!

We are seeking reliable employees who are motivated to help individuals with disabilities in leading happy and safe lives. Responsibilities include supporting individuals in:

Sharing ordinary places

Direct Support Professionals help people:

  • Explore their neighborhoods and communities
  • Discover what interests them in their community and to be actively involved 

Examples of this could include taking someone to volunteer at a local animal shelter, meeting neighbors, participating in a bowling league, joining their local community center, or any other opportunities they are interested in.

Making choices

Direct Support Professionals support individuals in making informed choices in their lives while also respecting their need for health and safety

Growing in Relationships

Direct Support Professionals help the individuals we support grow in their relationships by:

  • Helping individuals connect with other who share their likes and interests
  • Assisting individuals in maintain relationships with family and friends
  • Role modelling healthy friendships and interactions with other

Contributing and Being Respected

Direct Support professionals help the individuals they support to discover what they can do and finding ways to use their skills and talents. We respect the individuals we support as unique individuals with their own preferences and life goals.

Dependable Home Health Care offers several employee benefits such as:

  • Competitive Wages
  • Paid Training
  • Flexible Scheduling options
  • Paid Time off for employees working 20 or more hours/week
  • Medical Benefits for employees working 30 or more hours/week
  • Responsive management
  • Casual dress ok